Ascension Mastermind Trailer

This will be a life-changing event for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Business Professionals, 
Leadership and Management Teams and Everyone in the Space of Personal Growth and Development.


The Ascension Mastermind Team Is Ready To Deliver.

Please Come Prepared For Powerful Strategies, Tactics and Knowledge To Immediately Implement In Your Life Today.

This year's highly anticipated event hosts a powerful lineup of guest speakers who are nothing short of experts in leadership, mindset development, goal setting, and confident success-building strategies.

It's time to unlock the best version of yourself by mastering the next level in your personal and professional life. 

Your Speakers:
Nick Chontos

Author | Host, Apex Masculinity Podcast

Identify first cause experiences from your past that seek to place limitation barriers on the level of success and fulfillment that you desire for your life today.

Joel Haasenritter
Certified Oola Life Coach 
Wayfinders For Life

Discover why 92% of people never accomplish their goals and the 5 ingredients necessary to absolutely crush yours!

Simon Smart
Warrior Protocol

Uncover how to deploy discipline and get more leverage over yourself in a month towards your goals than most people typically get in a year.

What You'll Learn:

Imagine what your life would become if you could…

  • Eliminate the barriers that have prevented you from achieving the success and fulfillment you desire for your life.
  • How to deploy discipline at will to create breakthroughs that will have you achieving more in one month towards your goals than most people do in a year.
  • Crush the self-sabotage that used to lay waste to your dreams and ambitions.
  • Learn how to use the pain you’ve suffered in your life to move from victim to master mentality.
  • Rewire your mind to become success oriented.
  • Network with other success minded people.
  • Command the respect of your peers, family, friends, community and workplace.
  • Have the confidence of history’s greatest leaders

  • Connect and persuade anyone you meet.
  • Learn how to manifest the laser focused drive to know what you want in life and how to get it.
  • How to trade confusion for clarity and build towards progress every day.
  • How to move from a passenger to the DRIVER in all the key areas of life!
  • How to be in the 8% of people who accomplish whatever goals they decide on and the 5 critical ways to crush your goals.
  • Learn the 7 places dreams go to die and what you need to explode through your self-sabotage!
  • Forge the self-confidence allowing you to achieve at the highest levels in the game of life.

If you’re tired of living a life that’s less than what you know you’re capable of, invest in yourself NOW and be in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, July 16th to join the Ascension Mastermind Group and begin your journey. Seating is limited so you can get all your questions answered. Click the link below to launch yourself to the next level!
Start creating the life you love today!

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