What Is Oola?
"Where you are is just where you are, it's not who you are." Dr. Troy (The OolaGuru)

Don't just dream about the ideal life!
Start living it with the proven Oola formula

Oola is a lifestyle framework that helps people bring their lives back in balance in all the 7 key areas, while growing toward their purpose. It gives you the freedom to dream again and and also holds the tools needed to map your path from where you are now to where you want to be. 

All of the stresses or abundance of life can be found in the 7 "F’s" of Oola. Our coaching focusses on improving each of these areas in a structured, proven system so you can live your best, most vibrant life! 

Fitness: improve mental clarity, eat healthier, get more exercise, sleep better, and address nagging health conditions

Finances: eliminate the weight of debt, save for retirement, get your paperwork in order, and spend without guilt

Family: enrich your marriage, focus on your kids’ real needs, deal with toxic relatives, and set boundaries for behavior

Field/Career: decide what you want, identify a path to getting there, up-level your skills, earn more than ever before

 Faith: deepen your relationship with your beliefs, discover your life purpose, develop a daily practice, love others well

Friends: reverse engineer the friendships you want, unfriend toxic pals, spend more face time with people who care

Fun: research fun activities locally, schedule and fund “bucket list” adventures, guard your time off and weekends

Today’s world is hectic, over scheduled and filled with countless ways to let your relationships slip, go further into debt and let the day-to-day overwhelm keep you from where you know you can be. 

If you find yourself having lost sight of your dreams, not sure where to turn, but knowing there is more for your life, then let's reconnect you to the life you've always hoped for and map out your plan for getting there. 

You were designed for greatness and a purpose. It's time to go get your OolaLife!