When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream?

I am a Wayfinder Coach.

I help people in their 30's and 40's, struggling in times of transition, to find balance, growth, and purpose, so they can absolutely crush the next chapter of their lives!

Imagine living a life of design, not default... 

I understand exactly what it's like to be living day-to-day, overwhelmed and not knowing how to make a change; struggling with the steps you know you need to make, but not sure how to make it happen or where to turn. It's frustrating, daunting, and at times, hopeless!

But there is a path from where you are to where you want to be!

The Oola Lifestyle Framework helps you balance all of the key areas of life with a proven system so you can live the life you design, not one that happens around you. And as someone who has walked that path before and found a better way, it would be my honor to help you find freedom for the next chapter in your journey. Buckle up! Your best, most fulfilled life awaits...!


Joel Haasenritter
Certified Oola Life Coach

No matter where you are in life, the Oola Framework can help you:
* Get out of debt
* Land that dream job
* Rediscover your dreams
* Strengthen your relationships
* Gain greater health and clarity
* Find your balance in this unbalanced world!

Oola is short for Ooh-la-la: it’s what life feels like when you’re happy, growing, and looking forward to what the world has in store for you. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve landed that better job, grown a bigger business, or watched your kids succeed at something they’re passionate about. 

It’s what you tell yourself when you’ve bought that dream house, saved your first $10,000, or paid off the last of your debts. It’s the confidence you feel being fit and date-night ready for the first time in years—or the sense of wonder and enchantment you feel on your first trip to Paris with friends. 

Whatever rocks it for you, Oola means living life firing on all cylinders—joyful, wholehearted, and ready to take advantage whenever good times and opportunity appear. 

Oola is also the proven formula for getting back on track, and finding balance in our unbalanced world. 

More than 20 years ago, two holistic physicians—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl— created Oola to help people establish new habits, practice new ways of living, and take those daily actions that are key to bringing life into balance, and keeping it that way on an ongoing basis. Today, “The OolaGuys” are international bestselling authors, social media influencers, personal growth experts, and founders of Oola Coaching with countless successful clients around the world—as well as a global network of professionally trained Certified Oola Life Coaches like me to help you pursue your best life.

Click here to read more about how you, too, can be balanced, happy and growing in major life areas like finances, fitness, family, field (career), and more through the Oola Coaching Program...

Living An Oola Life

Focusing on the 7 areas of Oola, sitting down and actually thinking about what I want, working on gratitude and goal setting has been life-changing for me! I have better awareness of my anxiety and have learned to control it before it controls me. I am learning gratitude in all things. 

~ Kristin L


My husband & I both lost over 30lbs each, we got out of debt except our house, and have been able to help those in need on a new level."

~ Sharon D

"I started to dream big, I thought about what I really wanted my life to be and I am working on my goals to achieve my dream life.

 You don’t have to be stuck in a rut like I was.
 You can choose to change your life!"

~ Debbie G


A Little About Me 

Ten years ago, my world, and that of my family would begin a journey that we would never have anticipated. My amazing wife's health took a downturn resulting in her inability to function in a normal capacity. And while not life-threatening, it left us searching for answers that we could not find in that place. 

Eventually, we were left with the most important question of our lives:

"Looking back at the last ten years, where will our next ten lead us if we don't make dramatic changes? Intentional changes...!"

This led us to move across the country in search for a life of intent instead of circumstances. This is where we found Oola and a better way to do life!  

Today, her health is improving, and we continue toward a life of balance, growth and purpose, toward our Oola Life. Click the link below, and let's work together to help you find the path toward yours! 

Joel Haasenritter
Certified Oola Life Coach

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