Act with integrity, not anger . . .
I hope you had a wonderful holiday! The last time we spoke, we learned about why anger arises over the holiday season and how to manage it. Today I want to take this conversation further and talk about how to act with integrity instead.

Anger easily clouds judgment, distorts the truth, and ultimately destroys integrity. But we also know that anger can be a natural response to a violation of our integrity. Remember that during times of distress, you have a choice. You can either lash out with frustration or respond with good character. So what decision will you make?

If you need help learning how to preserve your integrity during moments of adversity, here’s a helpful checklist:

  1. Take a deep breath so you can think with a clear head
  2. Define your values
  3. Analyze your choices and take responsibility for your actions
  4. Try to keep your word
  5. Communicate in a healthy, clear manner
Overall, when you can control your anger and learn to act with integrity, you can start living your true Oola life. Let me know if you practice any of this! If you missed my last email's pdf for managing anger and self-care over the holidays, download your copy HERE.

And if you'd like to start 2023 with intention and purpose, I’d love to set aside time to chat more about it! Just reach out and let me know or check out my private coaching and self-paced, personalized course options.

Here's to your 2023 - let's make it your best, most fulfilled, purpose-driven year yet!


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