Open For A FUN Surprise?
Pull any crazy April Fools’ Day shenanigans? Jokes and pranks can be fun, but you don’t have to be an experienced prankster to have a good time! 

What comes to your mind when you think of fun? A trip to Disneyland? A cruise to the Bahamas? Or maybe a movie night at home? 

If you drew a blank while thinking about fun, you’re not alone. With all the responsibilities of life, it’s easy to put off relaxing for necessary tasks like getting the kids to school, going to work, cleaning the house, and paying bills. 

Here’s where the surprise comes in, though: 

Having fun IS necessary! 

Don’t kid yourself—you’re not too old for fun. Incorporating fun into your life is also HEALTHY! 

You’d be surprised at all the benefits that can come from a healthy dose of fun. Consider these benefits: 

  • Lowered stress
  • Serotonin boost
  • Building connections with others 
Sounds good, right? 

If you’re looking for ways to plan fun in your life, feel free to reach out if you need any help. Together, we can create a plan for you to make time for shooting the breeze while still fulfilling your responsibilities at home and work. 

In the meantime, go have some fun! 


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