Hey, Siri—define “Rebalance” 📱
Ask Siri, Google, or Alexa to define the word “rebalance” and you’ll likely get an answer related to scales, pilates, or even investment portfolios—but, that’s not what we mean when we talk about living a Life Rebalanced™.

First, picture a life UNBALANCED—we’re talking finances in disarray, the relentless struggle to juggle family and work, and barely any time left for physical well-being. 😵‍💫

Now, envision a life where everything aligns seamlessly—

💸 Money sitting securely in the bank
❤️ Cherished family memories being made
🧑‍💼 A career soaring to unprecedented heights
💪 A radiant sense of energy and alertness illuminating your days

It’s a feeling of alignment within the key areas of a person’s life.

THAT is what we mean by “rebalance,” and it can happen in YOUR life. 👏

Together, we can explore the key areas of your life—fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends, and fun—then, create an action plan tailored to YOUR needs to help those key areas work together so you can live a Life Rebalanced™.

Ready to get started? Join us at this week's awe-inspiring Life Rebalanced™ Workshop on Thursday, August 3 at 5 PM PST. It's your chance to redefine "rebalance" in your own life!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 😊

Here for you,

Joel Haasenritter
Certified Oola Life Coach


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