The Biggest Threat to Your Success
You know, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I keep hearing people talk about luck. It seems like everyone is dreaming of winning the lottery or finding money on the street. But let's be real, relying on luck isn't a great financial strategy, is it?

To achieve financial success, you've got to be willing to put in some EFFORT. It's not just about wishing for things to happen—you must take action and make smart decisions with your money.

Unfortunately, laziness can be an obstacle that gets in the way of achieving your goals.

People want things to happen quickly and easily—but, that's just not how it works. Success requires:

  • Effort
  • Perseverance
  • A willingness to take risks
So, instead of just dreaming big and hoping for the best, take proactive steps toward building wealth.

Of course, that's easier said than done. Laziness can be a tough habit to break. But with a little discipline and persistence, you can overcome that obstacle and start making progress toward your goals.

So, let's stop relying on luck and start taking control of our financial futures.

Comment below and let me know what steps you plan to take to combat laziness and start working towards your financial goals. I challenge you to come up with three action steps each day that will help you stay on track toward your true Oola life. 

And if you'd like a system for getting out of debt, investing for your future, and still having fun along the way, check out the Green Gap Course Here!

Good luck! 😉

You’ve got this!


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